2/22/2021 Sold my Roth Ira Mro position at $10.25, also sold 20 calls with 11 strike expiring 4/1. This turns my long position into a covered call (earnings later today).

Hi everyone. MRO hit at or near my final price target about 3-4 years ahead of schedule, so I sold 20% of it (the position in my Roth IRA) and I sold 20 $11 strike calls expiring April 1st to make my remaining shares into a covered call. The premium was actually pretty good (~$.70 per option contract).

I trimmed my position and sold calls today because I’m a bit scared of earnings volatility after market close today.

2/21/2021 Markets down slightly this week, and I’m favoring more downside next week. Profit exit hit for C and sold ORCL for a small loss. Started a long position in BEPC.

Hi everyone. Markets are slightly down this week, and although I am unsure where we go next week, I think it’s more likely we go lower.

SPY daily chart below:

I sold my C and ORCL, so MRO is one of my only positions left. My only other position is BEPC, which I bought some of in my Roth IRA on Thursday.

C ended up hitting right near my profit exit ($66) so I sold, while I lost a little bit on ORCL (~.1% of my account).

BEPC daily chart below:

I’m looking to start selling puts on PLTR, but am waiting for approval to do it in my Roth IRA. That would allow me to avoid short term capital gains taxes.

I also might sell some MRO calls (10 or 11 strike calls expiring April 1st) to make my position a covered call because earnings are tomorrow after market close. I still need to hold through March for it to be long term capital gains, but don’t want to sell into a pullback if earnings causes the stock to drop.

2/17/2021 Stopped out of my XPEV today at 43 and also stopped out of my GOOG hedge near 2140 yesterday. Looking at buying PLTR.

Hi everyone. Markets haven’t been too kind to me lately, and many of my short term swing trades have been stopped out. Although the market overall has been grinding higher, most of my long positions (other than MRO) have been underperforming the indexes and their relative peers. What’s worse is my GOOG hedge, which was meant to reduce overall market risk, has showed a lot of relative strength compared to SPY and QQQ.

I’m currently looking at buying (selling puts or buying shares directly) some PLTR in my Roth IRA for a position trade (3 months – 1+ year hold). Although it’s trading at rich valuations, it does offer a reasonable lower risk entry for a longer term hold. It seems like large fund managers are buying at current levels, so there might be a price floor at current levels.

2/14/2021 Markets continue grind upwards. Doubled my long position in XPEV, and doubled my short position in GOOG as a hedge

Hi everyone, I hope you had a nice week.

SPY daily chart below. Markets continue to grind higher, and I suspect a pullback is coming soon (1-2 weeks). I think the index will drop no more than 11% before reaching all-time highs again.

The first pullback is about 6-7% lower, while the pullback to the 350 range would be 10-11% lower.

I doubled my long position in XPEV at 46 this week. I threw in a low limit order early in the week which managed to get filled. My average purchase price is now 46.85. Earnings will be out on March 8th, so I will be out of this trade before then. Daily chart below:

I doubled my short position (hedge) in GOOG at 2095. My average short price is ~2073, so I’m down a bit on the trade. I still plan to exit this GOOG trade early if ORCL (long position) hits my profit exit.

GOOG daily chart below:

2/8/2021 Sold ODT at 27, XPEV looks like a good longer term trade here, but waiting until Earnings are out.

I sold ODT at 27 today near market close. I bought at 14 in my Roth IRA account in early October last year. The sizing was very small because I didn’t use a stop loss. Although there’s still a decent amount of upside potential (to ~33), the downside risk is a bit too big now – I’d likely end up panic selling if we started a larger pullback.

XPEV has been flattening out, and I think the next move will be up (following the initial uptrend). However, I’d rather not risk a large gap down from earnings, which should happen within a week.

2/7/2021 Markets jump nearly 5% this week to all time highs, and I’m still holding my swing trades (long). Cut half of my GOOG hedge. Thinking of selling ODT and going long on XPEV again.

Hi everyone, happy Superbowl Sunday!

I made some active trades this week, notably increasing my position in ORCL by 50% and going short GOOG as a hedge against ORCL. I ended up covering half my GOOG shares on Friday because the price action hinted that it would continue higher. It’s still a large short position so it should protect me a bit if the market gaps down large. I took about a .20% loss to account on the GOOG hedge, and am down about .40% overall.

ORCL daily chart below. No change to original plan other than maybe needing to raise my stop loss to protect profits.

C daily chart below. No change here, nearly got stopped out at 57.

GOOG daily chart below. Covered half my short position for a small loss.

ODT daily chart below. Thinking about selling it now, and maybe reentering later.

XPEV daily chart below. Thinking about taking a position trade (hold for 6 months+) here. Can’t figure out where I’d put my stop loss though. It’s either a close below the previous low near 37 or a close below 40.

See you next week.

2/4/2021 Forgot to update that I shorted Goog in after hours yesterday at 2070 as a hedge.

I shorted Google (GOOG) in after hours at 2070 yesterday. It’s a large position that almost offsets the long position in Oracle (ORCL). I realized my ORCL position was large enough that if the market decided to gap down large, I could be out a lot more than just 1% of my account.

Google had great earnings and the stock reacted positively. However, I think it’s more likely we have a pullback first than to continue going up.

Entry short: 2070, Stop Loss: 2140, Profit Exit: 1930 (or when I’m out of ORCL).

GOOG daily chart below:

1/31/2021 Markets down big this week, and all my long positions are down. Took a loss on a day trade on SPY. Out of all hedges.

Hi everyone, it looks like markets are starting a somewhat larger pullback, although I think there’s a good chance we bounce in the next few days. I’m still in most of my long positions, but are close to getting stopped out of all of them. I also took a .5% loss to my account on a day trade (went long) on SPY this past Friday.

SPY daily chart below. I think we bounce here in the very near term (few days), but continue lower down to near 350-355 (another 5-6% lower). This is the previous breakout level from September, so that’s a decent area to add to long positions. Next support level is near 330 (10% lower from here).

Have a nice week, and I’ll keep you updated if I get stopped out of my long positions or make any trades.