3/18/2018 Notable Setups for Next Week

Fun Fact #3

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Tickers to add to your watchlist:

Ticker Symbols: EBAY, ABBV, JPM

Moving Averages:

Green: 20 day EMA; Blue: 50 day SMA; Red: 200 day SMA

EBAY analysis 3_18_2018

JPM analysis 3_18_2018

ABBV analysis 3_18_2018


Discussion: EBAY and ABBV have crossed below the 20 day EMA. JPM is still slightly above the 20 day EMA. Read “A setup that has an Edge,” to find out why this is significant. 

Note that in all of the above charts, the 20 day EMA is above the 50 day SMA, which is above the 200 day SMA. This proves that the stock is in a strong uptrend. We want to buy these stocks on pullbacks from all time highs, which is exactly what the 20 day EMA helps us with. 

Takeaways: Add EBAY, ABBV, and JPM to your watchlist, and be prepared for these stocks to resume their uptrends in the next few days/weeks. 




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