5/18/2018 Markets drop a little. Blog updates will be on Tuesday, Thursday, and once on the weekend now.

Fun Fact #52

There was a puppy stolen from Amazon on 5/4/2018.   Read about this bizarre story here


Market Stocks 5_18_2018.PNG

The FAANG stocks dropped about .5% today.  My three week forecast is still bullish, although I’m not expecting a huge explosive move upwards.  


Due to various reasons, I will be updating my blog on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and once on the weekends now.  You can expect a post on Sunday this week.  

QQQ Weekly 5_18_2018.PNG

The weekly chart of QQQ is above.  As you can see, we are down a little bit this week.  I think that QQQ has a better chance of moving up than moving down in the next few weeks.  The QQQ may be forming a head and shoulders pattern with the shoulders at 170, and the head at 175.  If this is the case, a strong impulsive close below 155 on the weekly chart would signal a lot of downside ahead.  


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