5/24/2018 Markets recover early morning losses, but close a little lower. ANAB and BRKB look like good low risk buys here.

Fun Fact #54

ADR stands for American Depository Receipt.  


Market Stocks 5_24_2018.PNG

I’ve added ANAB and BRKB to my watchlist stocks because I think they are worth looking at or buying right now.  WB is consolidating and I think the next move in either direction will be explosive.  I still favor a move up simply because I believe WB will resume it’s uptrend.  


QQQ daily 5_24_2018.PNG

As you can see in the daily chart of QQQ above, the index is still consolidating.  I’m still bullish because dips are aggressively bought up.  


ANAB 5_24_2018.PNG

ANAB is in a support zone and a very strong uptrend.  You can buy in the 78-82 zone with a stop loss at 77.  Your profit target is the resistance level near 95.  The Risk Reward is about 5 to 1.  


BRKB 5_24_2018.PNG

BRKB is also nearing a support zone at the 200 day moving average.   You can buy between 190-192, with a stop loss near 187 and a target at 200.  The risk reward is slightly over 2 to 1.  

I’ll be looking at some weekly charts this weekend! 


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