6/21/2018 Post tomorrow or on the weekend, but I’ve added a couple new positions recently.

Hi everyone!

The next blog post will still be on Friday or the weekend, but I wanted to let you know of a few trades that I’m currently in or likely will take. 

I’m going to be shorting QQQ with hard stop loss at 179 and a mental stop at 178.  My target is near 162-163, but I might take profits near 168-170 as well.  I don’t like shorting uptrending stocks, but everything is lining up nicely for a low risk short position here.  

I manually stopped myself out for a small loss on WB at 101.5 earlier this week, and added a large long position to MGM at 30.  I also added a short position on SIG today with a stop at 60.51 and target at 51.  

See you in a few days, and good luck trading!


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