7/23/2018 Weekly outlook and new positions taken. Still bearish.

Hi everyone.  Sorry for not getting an update in yesterday.  

I’ve taken two new positions recently since the setup was good. 

I bought some shares of HTHT at 40 and shorted a large amount of QQQ on Friday’s close.  

HTHT trade.PNG

As for QQQ, GOOG just had a big earnings beat, so it is currently dragging the QQQ up.  We’ll have to see what happens tomorrow.

I was planning on shorting QQQ in the 182.5-184 range, but decided to short it on Friday’s close because the index looked really weak (upward momentum had stopped).  My stop loss is now right near 182.5.  

QQQ Trade 7_23_2018.PNG

Markets have been choppy so I’ve been trading a lot less.  This also means I have less to blog about 😦



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