3/18/2020 Markets sell off but VIX not spiking upwards. Good chance the bottom is in for the entire market. I’m thinking we move 12-13% up from here.

Hi everyone. Although I’m still waiting on the AAII sentiment indicator reading for this week, I think the bottom is in for both the overall stock market, and a bit more confident that Boeing has finally bottomed. For Boeing, we could still see spikes down to the low 90s like we saw this morning, but I believe it has bottomed and will start moving upwards. I sold another put (100 strike price put for $10) when the market opened this morning. 

I’m using Boeing as an indicator for the overall health of the stock market because it represents a relatively large portion of the Dow Jones and follows the airline industry. 

3 – 4 week recovery targets below (~12-13% for the indexes and 50% for Boeing).

SPY 270, DIA 230, QQQ 200, BA 150. 

Boeing daily chart below. 

BA daily 3_18_2020



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