8/9/2020 Stocks continue higher surpringly and nears all time highs, but I’m not bullish medium/long term yet. I think SPY will break out to all time highs, but then have a substantial pullback (~20%).

Hi everyone, welcome back. I hope you had a nice weekend!

We will probably move quite a bit higher above all-time highs in the short term due to the upwards momentum, but then break lower. I still think we head towards the low 270 range once technology stocks pull back.

Also note the large weekly RSI divergence in the weekly chart of SPY below. 

SPY weekly 8_9_2020

I’ll keep you posted with a mid-week update if anything interesting develops.

I always remind myself that it’s better to be patient and not lose money, then to lose a lot of money buying at the wrong time. 



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