9/7/2020 Stocks drop a little this week and I think we continue lower next week. I’m up a lot on my TSLA and AAPL short, although I only took a half-sized position.

Hello, I hope you all are having a great Labor day.

Last week I shorted TSLA at 487 and AAPL at 130.8. My original plan was to use a much larger position size and hedge by going long QQQ. However, since the stocks gapped up, I was scared and instead took a half-sized position and didn’t hedge with QQQ. You can see my original thoughts and trade ideas in last week’s posts. 

I’ve been looking at pyramiding into these trades – meaning I add more to the position and lower my stop down to keep the risk the same as before.

I’m still looking for the ~60% correction (target near 200) in TSLA. If I do pyramid in, I will be doing so on a rally upwards and lowering my stop to near all time highs for these two stocks. 

Daily chart of TSLA below:

TSLA daily 9_7_2020

Daily chart of AAPL below:

AAPL daily 9_7_2020

On a final note for the broad market, I expect volatility to be drastically increasing over the coming weeks. 


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