10/21/2020 Sold 5 cash secured puts on DKNG. Strike $45, sold for $4.5 premium, expiration Oct. 30th.

Hi everyone. I am going to attempt my first “wheel strategy” on DKNG. I sold the 45 strike put expiring next Friday for $4.5. I sold 5 contracts because I want to own 500 shares if/when I’m assigned. I sold the puts when DKNG was trading at $42 today.

I think the current pullback is going to end soon (~1-2 weeks) so I’d like to take advantage of the high option premium by selling puts and calls. I want to get assigned so I sold in the money puts. Once I get assigned, I plan to sell calls roughly 1-2 weeks out at 10% above the trading price (making my position a covered call). Since earnings are in about 3 weeks, I plan to stop the strategy before then.

Daily chart of DKNG below:

Have a nice rest of your week!


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