1/25/2021 Went long ORCL at 60.5 and C at 60. Didn’t short IQ. Screener pulled up some other good looking long plays.

Update: Went ahead and bought a half sized position in ORCL (Entry: 60.5, SL: 57, Profit Exit: 65), looking to average down, but stop out at 57.

Also bought a full position in C (Entry 60, SL: 57, Profit Exit: 66). My stock screener spit this out this afternoon and the chart looked good. My screener looks for a 20 day low, with the stock sitting above the 200 day simple moving average.

Four other stocks that look good for buying are: MA, TM, NKE, and PG

For whatever reason, I didn’t short IQ. I think it’s because it was up a bit while the market was flat, and that scared me away. I might still enter short to balance out my long positions.


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