1/27/2021 Stopped out of DLTR for a .5% loss to account. Tried to average up into ORCL, but Schwab was down this morning. Edit: Added ORCL at 62.5 (small blurb at bottom of post)

DLTR daily chart above. This is my first trading loss in a while, but I also haven’t traded much recently. The loss is half the size (or less) of my usual losses, so this doesn’t feel too bad.

ORCL daily chart above. My initial position was oddly way too small. I thought it would drop more so I put a large stop loss (stop at 57 initially) and entered a half sized position. Realistically I shouldn’t have put a stop loss much below 59. I’m still targeting the same 64-66 range for selling. I really want to average up into the position later today, but am a little concerned it’ll have a small pullback first. I’ll probably average up into it anyways.

UPDATE: Bought more ORCL at 62.5 (doubled position size). I’m close to a full position now, but can add another 100-200 shares and still keep risk to 1% of my account. Stop loss at 59.5, profit exit at 65.


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