2/7/2021 Markets jump nearly 5% this week to all time highs, and I’m still holding my swing trades (long). Cut half of my GOOG hedge. Thinking of selling ODT and going long on XPEV again.

Hi everyone, happy Superbowl Sunday!

I made some active trades this week, notably increasing my position in ORCL by 50% and going short GOOG as a hedge against ORCL. I ended up covering half my GOOG shares on Friday because the price action hinted that it would continue higher. It’s still a large short position so it should protect me a bit if the market gaps down large. I took about a .20% loss to account on the GOOG hedge, and am down about .40% overall.

ORCL daily chart below. No change to original plan other than maybe needing to raise my stop loss to protect profits.

C daily chart below. No change here, nearly got stopped out at 57.

GOOG daily chart below. Covered half my short position for a small loss.

ODT daily chart below. Thinking about selling it now, and maybe reentering later.

XPEV daily chart below. Thinking about taking a position trade (hold for 6 months+) here. Can’t figure out where I’d put my stop loss though. It’s either a close below the previous low near 37 or a close below 40.

See you next week.


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