2/17/2021 Stopped out of my XPEV today at 43 and also stopped out of my GOOG hedge near 2140 yesterday. Looking at buying PLTR.

Hi everyone. Markets haven’t been too kind to me lately, and many of my short term swing trades have been stopped out. Although the market overall has been grinding higher, most of my long positions (other than MRO) have been underperforming the indexes and their relative peers. What’s worse is my GOOG hedge, which was meant to reduce overall market risk, has showed a lot of relative strength compared to SPY and QQQ.

I’m currently looking at buying (selling puts or buying shares directly) some PLTR in my Roth IRA for a position trade (3 months – 1+ year hold). Although it’s trading at rich valuations, it does offer a reasonable lower risk entry for a longer term hold. It seems like large fund managers are buying at current levels, so there might be a price floor at current levels.


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