2/21/2021 Markets down slightly this week, and I’m favoring more downside next week. Profit exit hit for C and sold ORCL for a small loss. Started a long position in BEPC.

Hi everyone. Markets are slightly down this week, and although I am unsure where we go next week, I think it’s more likely we go lower.

SPY daily chart below:

I sold my C and ORCL, so MRO is one of my only positions left. My only other position is BEPC, which I bought some of in my Roth IRA on Thursday.

C ended up hitting right near my profit exit ($66) so I sold, while I lost a little bit on ORCL (~.1% of my account).

BEPC daily chart below:

I’m looking to start selling puts on PLTR, but am waiting for approval to do it in my Roth IRA. That would allow me to avoid short term capital gains taxes.

I also might sell some MRO calls (10 or 11 strike calls expiring April 1st) to make my position a covered call because earnings are tomorrow after market close. I still need to hold through March for it to be long term capital gains, but don’t want to sell into a pullback if earnings causes the stock to drop.


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