3/3/2021 Looking at reentering SQ, PTON, and PLTR soon. Sold SQ at 252.2 yesterday luckily (made post on stocktwits)

[~1:45PM Eastern time] Stocks are selling off, with the tech sector taking the biggest hit.

I sold SQ yesterday at 252.2 (on close) because I would have sold if we gapped down today, which is what actually happened. I would have sold at 249 this morning at open though, so it wouldn’t have been as bad as the current price action.

I like SQ in the 230-240 zone (for buying) to target that same 265 ish gap fill level. My stop loss would be roughly 10-13 dollars to the downside.

PTON is also selling off hard today, and I’m constructing a plan for entering long again. I will likely sell weekly puts until I get assigned.

I’m leaning towards buying shares of PLTR instead of selling puts again because the option premium is quite a bit lower now.


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