3/9/2021 Out of PTON weekly put for ~85% gain (bought back the put when stock was at ~115.85). Looking to reenter tomorrow or later this week if we dip.

The last time I felt this way about stocks (tech stocks in this case) was in March last year when we had waterfall selling. It reminds me of huge down days followed immediately by huge rallies.

PTON chart below:

I’m still holding short puts on PLTR, and am looking to exit those soon if we get continued upside tomorrow. Even if I change my mind and don’t exit them, I don’t mind getting assigned shares.

QQQ daily chart from March 2020 (last year) below.

Note the large “short squeezes” after large drops. The three jumps were roughly 5% for the first bounce, and 8% for the last two bounces.


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