3/23/2021 Bought a 40% sized position in REGI at $66 and increased number of shares by 40% in TLIS at $13.

Hi everyone, mid week update here because I entered some positions today in my Roth IRA.

I had limit orders set from a couple weeks ago for REGI and TLIS, and because small cap stocks sold off today, my orders were filled.

I got a 40% sized position in REGI at $66 and I have a limit order to average down if we hit $58.5 to complete the full sized position. My stop loss is at $46 and my profit exit at $110. Because this is likely a longer term swing trade, I’m giving myself the option to take a 2% loss to my account. However, the current stop loss and plan is still only risking 1% of my account.

REGI daily chart below:

I also increased my TLIS position at $13. I’m surprised I got filled at $13 when that was my limit order and the stock only touched $13 in the last hour of trading. This is my last add to the stock, and I plan to hold for a while now (6 months – 3 years).

TLIS daily chart below:


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