3/25/2021: Added stop loss to BEPC, Removed second buy order on REGI. Edit: Bought some PTON in afterhours. Also out of XLE puts.

Markets are behaving much more wildly than I expected, so I’m adding a stop loss to BEPC at 38.5. It was going to be a 1+ year hold, but I may get stopped out sooner.

I also removed my REGI buy order at 58.5, but my stop loss is still at 46 for the other position that I bought at 66 earlier this week. I’ll be glad to add the second part of the position if we get any sort of buying pressure.

Lastly, I’m trying to figure out if I want to sell puts on PTON or if buying shares is better. In the end, it’s probably about the same. For reference, PTON is currently trading at $99.4 at the time of this post.

Edit: I bought PTON in afterhours because I think the upward momentum and risk reward present a good long entry. I have a 5 dollar stop loss ($98.23) and 10 dollar profit exit ($113.23). I’m risking .5% of my account on this bounce trade instead of the usual 1% because I plan to hold it for 1-5 trading days.

I’m out if we close tomorrow down.

PTON daily chart below:

I also sold my XLE puts (hedge for MRO) for a 44% loss. The total dollar amount lost was $112 so it’s not too bad.

Please enjoy the rest of your week!


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