3/30/2021 Bought YY at $96.38 and MTCH at $131.48 near market close today (both are half sized positions). Closing out rest of MRO position tomorrow.

Hi everyone. I decided to add two long positions (from my 16 stock watchlist) because they presented favorable risk-reward ratios.

I bought YY about 10 minutes before the market close, and it’s down a bit from where I bought.

YY daily chart below. Risk to reward is 1 to 2 ($4 down and $8 up).

I bought MTCH at market close today at $131.48 (daily chart below). I’m also using a smaller position (risk 0.5% to account) because I could get stopped out very quickly. I suspect that this trade will usually take longer to play out (up to 4 week hold), and I’m prepared to average up if price performs well. Risk to reward is 1 to 3 ($6 down $18 up).

Lastly, I will be closing out the rest of my MRO position tomorrow.

Holding MRO for a year has exposed one of my weaknesses. Because I’m usually swing trading with an average hold time of about 8 – 9 days, it’s much harder to watch the market move up and down on a longer time frame (like 1+ years). This is because I’m so used to buying and selling within a week or month.


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