3/31/2021 Out of PTON at profit exit of 103.23, and stopped out of YY at 92.33 for loss. Out of MRO at 10.73 (shares and short calls).

Quick update:

PTON hit 103.23 (my original profit exit, so I’m out). Daily chart below:

YY hit my stop loss at 92.33 so I’m out for a loss. Both positions were half sized, so my max loss is 0.5% of my account, and max gain is 1% of account. YY daily chart below:

The trades played out like the scenarios I imagined. Although I got stopped out and lost money on YY, it’s good to confirm that the price moved quickly in one direction, and that my half sized position was appropriate. YY seems to have a very wide spread during the middle of the day, which is not good for trading.

I also sold the other half of my MRO position at 10.73 today. Both the MRO positions qualified for long term gains, which is good since I bought at an average price of 3.5 in March of 2020 (would owe a lot of taxes).


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