4/13/2021 Doubled M long position at market close and raised stop loss. Trade is still profitable, so I’m buying more.

I originally planned to double my position in M if we had a pullback, and today was that pullback. I don’t like that it dropped when most of the indexes are up, but oh well.

M daily chart below. My average is now 16.17 (up from original entry at 15.71). I moved my stop up from 14.5 to 15.21 so that my overall risk is still 1% of my account if I get stopped out.

I refuse to cut this position unless it closes near my stop loss (15.5 or lower) or I’m out of time (earnings are next day). Out of my last 22 trades, I’ve exited 13 early, with roughly half being because I was scared of losing my profits. This seems bad because I’m trading with emotions, and although it has worked out for me recently, over the long run I think I’d do better if I follow my original plan which had no emotions involved.


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