4/21/2021 Doubled long position in PRLD to roughly 1.2% of account. No stop loss and willing to add until it’s 3% of my total account.

I averaged down and doubled my long position on PRLD at market close ($35.5) today. I bought my first batch at $40 about 2 weeks ago. It usually does well after 2 up days in a row, so I’m adding here incase it decides to run away and start a new uptrend.

I originally had a limit set at $30, but it was off by $0.22 from being hit. I’m pulling that limit order because I added today, and will keep my limit order at $25 instead. I also have a buy order at $20 if it gets that low. Overall it is 1.2% of my account now, and I plan to increase that up to a maximum of 3% of my account value.

PRLD daily chart below. I’m very bullish because BakerBros are heavily invested and they have a great track record. I’m willing to match their allocation of ~3% of their account value.


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