5/16/2021 Sold BEPC at 37.5 for a loss. Selling M on Monday. Shorting QQQ on Monday unless we gap down more than 1%.

Hi everyone, I hope you had a nice week. I sold BEPC at 37.5 this week because it hit my stop loss. I wanted to hold it for more than the time I did, which was 3 months. The position size was quite small since it was in my Roth IRA account so I only lost about 0.7% of my total account value.

BEPC daily chart below:

M has earnings on Tuesday next week, so I’ll be selling it on Monday at market close. This is the first time that I would have been exactly wrong if I sold at anytime from when I entered. Every time I’m super bullish, it drops starting the following day. Every time I’m super bearish, it jumps starting the next day. This actually presents an interesting opportunity where I can trade based off my emotions (do the exact opposite).

I’m looking to short QQQ on Monday (tomorrow), unless we gap down more than 1%. My target is just above 300, and my stop loss will be placed according to where we open. The stop will likely not be placed at a price higher than 335 though.

QQQ daily chart below:


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