6/2/2021 Went long TJX at 65.98 and HPQ at 29.78. Shorted half sized position in NIO at 41.16 and XPEV at 35. All positions were market on close orders.

Hi everyone, I took four new positions at market close today. I’ve been looking at HPQ, and decided to take a stab at it today. I also went long on TJX, and shorted a half sized position on NIO and XPEV. NIO and XPEV move together, so I shorted half for each stock.

HPQ daily chart below. Original profit exit was the gap fill at 32, but I decided to change it to 33. I expect to hold the trade for 1 to 15 trading days.

TJX daily chart below. I feel scared entering long here, but the risk reward is good and the stock tends to reverse after a pullback this size. This trade will likely take longer than HPQ to play out, especially if I don’t get stopped out right away.

NIO daily chart below. I took a half sized long position, and I’m not very confident that this and the XPEV trade will work out, but let’s see what happens.

XPEV daily chart below. I’m risking 2 dollars per share to make 8, so I need to be right 1 in 5 times to break even.

Thanks for reading, and I hope the rest of your week goes well.


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