6/5/2021 Stopped out of XPEV short this week. Still holding TWTR, TJX, and HPQ long, and NIO short. Indexes near all-time highs.

Hi everyone, I added some positions this week, and got stopped out of my XPEV short position one day after entering.

XPEV daily chart below. XPEV was a half sized short position, and I’m still holding a half sized short position on NIO.

TWTR daily chart below. It had a nice upside move on Friday (following the QQQ), and my original plan is still in place.

TJX daily chart below. I entered at 66 on Wednesday, and it looks like it’s bottoming here.

HPQ daily chart below. The stock has moved up a decent amount since my entry, and usually these are the trades that work out the best for me. I haven’t decided if I want to sell a little before my profit exit (at 32) or hold for my greedy profit exit at 33.

SPY daily chart below. I’m neutral / bearish here on the index, but will still hold my swing positions long. Let’s see what happens next week.


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