6/15/2021 Sold half of TJX position at a small loss to buy a half position (0.5% risk) in CAT.

Hi everyone. I decided to buy CAT at market close today, but needed to sell something to free up funds to make the purchase.

I chose to sell half of my TJX position because it was doing the worst out of the other positions. Since I’m using a tight stop loss on CAT and want the ability to reenter if I get whipsawed, I only bought a half sized position.

TJX daily chart below. I entered at 66, 9 trading days ago, and sold half of the position at 65.4 today for a small loss (~0.1% of account).

CAT daily chart below. Notice the buying pressure from the 215-218 range the last couple days. I don’t think this trade will take very long to play out (<1 month), and I expect to get stopped out quickly if I get stopped out. If I get stopped out, I lose 0.5% of my total account value.


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