6/28/2021 Markets continue higher to all time highs. Sold TWTR at 63.9 for profit exit, and 7 loss streak snapped. Still holding C.

Hi everyone, I hope you had a nice weekend! I sold TWTR at my profit exit of 63.9 earlier last week, and it snapped my 7 loss streak.

TWTR daily chart below. This snaps my 7 trade losing spree.

C daily chart below. I’m still holding and the trade is working out better than anticipated. The position is already quite large, but I might add more on the next small pullback and raise my stop loss.

Since I have a lot of cash available to trade right now (only position is C), I might enter a long position in NTES, LUV, or ORCL sometime next week. NTES and LUV showed up on my stock screener this week, while ORCL has had a small pullback after earnings again.


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