8/8/2021 Indexes mostly flat this week. Shorted AAPL at 147. Bought BABA in Roth IRA this week.

Hi everyone, welcome back!

I haven’t made any changes to my WBA and M positions, although I will be selling M soon because earnings are on 8/19.

I’m up slightly on my AAPL short position, and plan to hold for about a month.

AAPL daily chart below. The stop loss is in a great spot because the trade is completely invalidated if 152 is hit.

BABA monthly chart below. We can still capitulate lower, but my guess is we are getting quite close to a bottom. My current position is 1/5th size but still rather large because I’m willing to risk 30% of my account (if stock goes to 0) on this longer term trade. I plan to hold for a minimum of 1 year, but up to 5 years or more.


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