8/22/2021 Market indexes down a little this week. Covered Aapl short, bought more BABA at 165.49.

Hi everyone, welcome back.

I covered my Aapl short position on Friday because it closed above 147. I exited before my stop loss or profit exit were hit because the trade wasn’t playing out as originally planned (took too long to make a move).

Aapl daily chart below. I took a small loss.

I bought more BABA at 165.49 this week for a long term hold (1+ year minimum). My position is a little bigger than twice the size of the original position that I started around 196. I plan to hold the stock for up to 10 years.

BABA daily chart below:

BABA weekly chart below. My average purchase price is now 179.49 so I’m down a bit. I still have limit orders at 150 and 130.


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