9/27/2021 Markets drop a little to start the week, no changes to previous positions. Looking at INTC and ABBV for longer term positions (5-10 year holds).

Hi everyone, welcome back. This post is a bit late this week because I’ve been busy with some personal stuff.

I’m still holding my WBA swing trade, but will sell soon because earnings are coming up. BABA had a nice bounce today, but at this point it’s probably better for me if it drops to 130 (my last limit order) because then my expected long term returns are higher.

INTC and ABBV look like good long term holds (5-10 years+) because of the stability of the company from its’ cash flows. They both have a nice stable dividend as well.

INTC weekly chart below. I still really want to start my stock position in the 40-45 range, but that is about 20-25% lower from current prices.

ABBV weekly chart below. I want my average price to be at or below 90. However, that is still quite a bit lower, and the stock has a nice dividend yield of around 5% so I may start the position near current prices.

I hope you have a nice week!


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