12/17/2021 Assigned on 100 BABA shares, buying a very small STNE position at market close today (~$15.70)

Hi everyone!

The BABA put I sold with a strike price of 140 for $9 expired today in the money, so I got assigned 100 more shares. It brings down my average a little bit from the high 130s to the mid 130s. My position size is now completed, but I plan to add small amounts when I have savings.

BABA daily chart below. It’s still in a massive downtrend.

I’m also buying a 1% of my account value position in STNE at market close. I like the company, it has solid growth in Brazil, and Buffett owns the stock. If it drops substantially (20-30% or more) from its current price, I plan to buy another 1% of my account value in the stock. Since the company has a decent chance to go bankrupt due to inflation / interest rates going up and political issues, I’m only willing to risk 2% of my account on this stock.

STNE weekly chart below. Buffett owns shares from Q4 of 2018 (~$20-$30 range)


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