1/3/2022 Likely buying more BABA next week (by selling puts)

Hi everyone!

I recently realized I had some money sitting in a savings account at a credit union, as well as some extra money from teaching the last 2 months.

I don’t think holding cash is the right way to go due to inflation, so I plan to buy some stocks with the money. The only 3 stocks that I find at reasonable valuations (and that I’m familiar with) are BABA, INTC, and FB (in order of preference). I will likely buy another chunk of BABA next week, since I think the intrinsic value of the stock is ~$250 based off price ratios and other fundamentals.

BABA weekly chart below. I’m looking to buy a bit more sometime next week by selling put(s).

If INTC and/or FB have significant decreases in prices, I will likely buy some.

Happy New Year and see you next week!


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