1/19/2022 Markets coming off highs a little bit. Looking at buying some more INTC or starting a position in FB.

Hi everyone! Welcome back. I’ve been really busy with my plan of moving to Austin, Texas, so these posts have been a bit less frequent than normal.

The indexes have dropped a bit lately, and FB is starting to look like a decent stock to buy at current levels. It’s trading at a ~23 P/E ratio, and P/S ratio of about 8, which are reasonable, but still a bit pricey for me. I would prefer buying it near a 6-7 P/S ratio, so I will refrain from starting a position in it now unless it drops another 10-15% from current levels (~280).

INTC still looks like a bargain. It’s trading at a ~10.5 P/E ratio and a ~3 P/S ratio, so I will likely buy more of that before buying FB.

INTC weekly chart below. I bought a small position at $49 about 3 months ago. It’s a bit higher now, but still cheap.

FB weekly chart below. I ideally want to start buying when it’s at or below $280. It might not get there though.


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