2/1/2022 Indexes see large volatility and reminds me of March 2020. Doubled position in INTC after earnings at 47.73 (it’s now 7% of my portfolio).

Hi everyone! Indexes have been very volatile the last couple weeks, and I bought some more INTC after their drop following earnings. I doubled my number of shares at 47.73 and it’s now 7% of my total account value.

My current portfolio allocation is as follows. The high cash position is partially because I will be moving out soon and need money for rent. The other reason is I don’t like the valuation of many US equities, and haven’t spent time researching companies.

BABA: 45%

INTC: 7%

ACAD: 3%

DOYU: 3%

PRLD: 2%

STNE: 1%

TLIS: 0.3%

Cash: 39% (assuming QQQ swing trade wasn’t active)

Once everything stabilizes after I move out, I plan to deploy at least half of the cash, and will likely be buying INTC, BABA, and FB, unless some other opportunities arise.


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