3/1/2022 No changes to positions, but looking to start a position in FB and possibly adding to INTC.

Hi everyone, welcome back! I’ve made no changes to my portfolio the last couple weeks.

I originally had a limit order for FB at 200, but decided to pull it a day or two before it actually hit 200. My rationale was that the market was feeling as volatile as during March 2020, so I decided to wait. I still think it’s a good buy at 200 or below.

INTC had a “bad” earnings report, so their stock price has dropped pretty significantly lately too. I have one more add left that I might deploy soon.

FB daily chart below. Anything at or under 200 to me is considered a good deal.

INTC daily chart below. It’s a bit below my average, but because of the dividends I received, am about breakeven.


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