4/19/2022 Sold some INTC puts 2 weeks ago, looking to start a small FB or BILI position and/or add to BABA.

Hi everyone, welcome back! I’ve been very busy with my move to Austin, Texas, so this post is a bit late. Everything is settled now so these blog posts should be a bit more regular like before.

I sold a couple INTC puts 2 weeks ago. I sold the May 20th, 45 strike puts for $1.5 premium each. They are currently selling for a bit less, so I’m up a little bit on those. I don’t mind getting filled on them if the price is below 45 in a month. I plan to sell calls on it if I do get assigned (wheel strategy).

Also, despite BABA’s recent decline in price, I see no change in its’ fundamentals so I will likely be adding either a little more or diversifying a bit into something like FB. Although I wanted FB at 200, it’s still a decent buy at current prices.

INTC daily chart below:

FB weekly chart below:

BABA weekly chart below:

BILI weekly chart below:

I think Bili’s valuation is decent now, although it could certainly slide another 50% so I would start with a small position. I like the anime Bili produces so that’s another reason to buy some.


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