5/24/22 Started a small position in BILI, added a little more to BABA, and assigned shares on INTC from sold puts.

Hey everyone, welcome back! I’ve been very busy so this post is very late compared to the normal weekly posts. I made many changes to my portfolio in the last month so here’s an update.

I started a half sized position (3.5% of total account value) in BILI at $18.69 at market close today. I like the anime they produce, and the price is reasonable given their revenue and growth potential. I plan to have it up to a maximum of 7% of my total account value if it drops significantly lower to around $10.

BILI weekly chart below:

Also, I increased my BABA shares by another 15% at a price just above $88. This was about 2 weeks ago. Shares are currently at about $82 and my average is around $120. I’ve never seen such a financially sound company drop this much and to valuations this cheap. My plan is to sell it at or above 250, which is what I believe the company is worth today given cash flows and sales. I also don’t mind holding for 5-10 years.

Lastly, the INTC puts I sold closed in the money last Friday (I sold the 45 strike puts) so I now have a full sized INTC position which is ~20% of my total account value. I’m down a little on it despite getting multiple dividends. INTC weekly chart below:

I plan to go to grad school for my MBA and I’m currently studying for the GMAT. As a result, posts will likely be less frequent than once a week. Thank you for reading, and I’ll see you at the next post!


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