2/23/2023 Bought a little more BABA and INTC. Finally bought some META a few months ago with an average at $117. Bought a small amount of SQ a while ago at just under $60. Thinking of selling all or some of INTC position.

Hey everyone, it’s been almost 6 months since I last blogged. I hope you are doing well!

I’ve made a few changes to my portfolio in the last 6 months. I haven’t sold anything in the last 2.5 years.

Currently, my portfolio consists of:

BABA: 66% (I’m down 16% from my average purchase price). I bought a tiny bit more recently at $95, and I love the valuation anywhere near or below $90 (Price to Free Cash Flow of around 12-13 at that price)

INTC: 12% (I bought more a few months ago because they didn’t get rid of their dividend, but now they cut it by 66% recently. I’m heavily contemplating selling my entire position for a huge loss – I’m 40% down from average purchase price)

META: 6% (I bought right before earnings a few months ago on accident, and then I bought more after it dropped from earnings, my average is at ~$117 and I’m up about 45% on it)

BILI: 3.5% (No changes here, I’m up just under 20% on this position)

ACAD: 2.5% (No changes here)

SQ: 2% (Bought a while ago at just under $60/share, wanted to buy more, but the price shot up immediately so it’s a small percentage of my portfolio)

DOYU: 2% (No changes here, down about 67%, but the position size isn’t very big.)

PRLD, STNE, and TLIS: 1.5% combined. TLIS has dropped ~97% since I bought it.

I have about 3% of my portfolio in cash, and am looking at buying more BABA if it drops to $85 or lower. I have also been looking at starting a position in GOOG. They have a pretty low forward PE ratio, and have a monopoly in the search engine space. They seem to be dropping recently because of Microsoft / OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which I use frequently. I don’t think it’s as powerful or as “scary” as many people claim.

BABA had a decent earnings report today, although the share price went down. From a fundamental standpoint, I love it at or below a 12-13 price/fcf ratio, which corresponds to a share price of around $80 – $90.

TLDR: My current plans are to increase my META position (if it drops), possibly decrease my INTC position, and start a position in GOOG. I also plan to buy more BABA if it dips to $85 or below.


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