10/19/2019 Stocks stay mostly flat for the week due to the sell-off on Friday. I wouldn’t be surprised if the selling accelerates next week.

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QQQ Weekly 10_19_2019.JPG

This chart should be very concerning for bulls. Each time the index flirts with new highs, the RSI is lower – meaning the momentum has slowed down. Another move upwards is not unreasonable, but I think we will see a lot of selling beginning next week, or whenever we get anywhere near 195 again. 

If I take this trade, my short target is the low to mid 170s, with a stop loss roughly 6 dollars above my entry. 



Markets jump on trade news. Stocks are in the middle of the supply zone (resistance) so bears (myself included) will likely go short around 195. Any move above 200 should lead to a short squeeze and much high prices.

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At the end of my last post, I mentioned that we would probably have another small move upwards before moving sharply lower. I think the trade news catalyst has sparked that rally upwards. I think it is a good idea to short at 195 with a stop loss just below 200. The year end target would be the low 170s with a final target in the low to mid 150s. The weekly bearish divergence (displaying the waning momentum) along with the index being at resistance is just too juicy of an opportunity to pass by.

QQQ weekly 10_12_2019.JPG

I’m going to use PSQ to go short QQQ in my Roth IRA to avoid capital gains taxes. Remember that you can only purchase (go long) stocks in Roth IRAs. The stop loss on my PSQ trade will be at around 26 with an initial target at about 30. Initial entry will be at around 27 and I plan to take the trade sometime next week (assuming the index goes up). 




10/5/2019 Stocks bounce from midweek slump. Good time to sell or go short into a gap up (or upwards move) on Monday in the 190-192 price range. I think there’s one more leg down before we reach a local bottom.

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QQQ Weekly 10_5_2019

Despite the strong move upwards on Thursday and Friday this week, I think we are likely to have another leg down before reaching a local bottom. I’ve labeled the supply zone (resistance), and the demand zone (support). I suspect we will have another small move upwards to trap the buyers before moving sharply lower towards the supply zone I’ve labeled in the chart above. 

10/2/2019 Midweek update. Schwab will begin offering commission free trades on Monday 10/7. TD Ameritrade follows in Schwab’s footsteps one day later.

Hi everyone, welcome to the midweek update.

QQQ Monthly 10_2_2019.JPG

Above is the monthly chart of QQQ. Notice how even if you shorted at the perfect time and held it for a month, you would still be better off buying dips and selling when the market goes up. However, this current monthly candle is setting up for a good short position to be held for 1-2 months (until end of year). Note that this most recent candle is not accurate because the month just started.

Schwab just recently announced that they would begin offering commission free trades, so I’m excited to trade in my Roth IRA. I read online that brokers can easily make up commission losses by widening the bid/ask spread, so using limit orders might be the best workaround for that.

Following the Schwab news, TD Ameritrade (AMTD) stock dropped over 25%. TD Ameritrade announced today that they would also be offering commission free trades, but the stock continues to struggle. Below is the weekly chart of TD Ameritrade over the last 4-5 years. 


The stock bounced off the 35 ish support level multiple times over the last couple days, but has now sliced through it. This chart is hinting at some sort of bounce soon as sellers will likely get out of the way. I think a long term position here (1+ year) would outperform the market, or at least the financial sector. Perhaps this is a good pairs trade opportunity (buy AMTD and simultaneously short XLF or SPY). 

See you sometime this weekend!

9/28/2019 Indexes begin downward march.


QQQ Weekly 9_28_2019.JPG

Here’s the weekly chart of QQQ. I suspect we will get lots of volatility next week as a new short term trend begins. My plan to short near 192 did not happen since the highest the index made it was about 191.8. I’m considering shorting near 189 or 190 with a target at 180 instead of the original low 170s. This trade would be a significantly shorter time trade since the index doesn’t have to move as much. 

Since I sold my FB shares in my Roth IRA at the start of this week, I’ve been thinking of buying PSQ – the inverse ETF of QQQ – in my Roth IRA. I normally prefer going short on indexes rather than buying inverse ETFs, but the problem is you can’t go short in Roth IRAs.

The reason for doing this trade in my Roth IRA instead of my regular trading account is to avoid taxes. Trades in Roth IRAs don’t have capital gains taxes – making them ideal for situations like this. 

PSQ Weekly 9_28_2019.JPG

Above is the weekly chart of PSQ – which is supposed to be identical to QQQ but upside down. 

9/24/2019 Facebook stock trade review

My thought process was to buy any dip in Facebook, so when I saw the Cambridge Analytica dip from the 220s to 175, I immediately jumped in. After Facebook dropped to the 120s, I felt really stupid. I was thinking about buying a lot of shares in the 150 range, but didn’t have any free cash sitting around.

My original plan was to hold it for at least a year, and sell it at 250+ (about 15% higher than the all time high). Looking back on it now, that seemed like a very ambitious goal for such a short time period. 

FB Stock Weekly 9_24_2019

I’ve highlighted my entry and exit on Facebook stock, and this was the longest I’ve ever held a stock. 

Holding off on QQQ short until 192+. Closed FB trade in retirement account after a holding period of a little over a year.

Hi everyone – this is a rare Monday blog post. Looks like I’ll be trading stocks more actively again, which means more blog posts as well! 

I had originally planned on shorting QQQ on market open, but decided against it because of the small gap down. I remembered that it was better to miss out on a trade than to take a poorly timed one that lost money. After reanalyzing the chart, I think 192 and above is a good short entry. My current hard stop loss is 196 – just above all time highs (mental stop at 195), with a target in the low to mid 170s. That’s a risk reward of about 5 to 1, which is really good. 

I sold my Facebook shares this morning in my Roth IRA account. I bought it in July of 2018 at around 175, so I netted about 8.5% in a year – pretty good especially since I don’t have to pay capital gains taxes on it. I’ll summarize what I learned from that trade tomorrow.

Let’s look at the daily chart of QQQ. 

QQQ Daily 9_23_2019.JPG

My plan is to short the stock in that top rectangle with a target near the bottom rectangle. Perhaps this is too greedy, and I should cover my short in the low 180s instead.