4/19/2022 Sold some INTC puts 2 weeks ago, looking to start a small FB or BILI position and/or add to BABA.

Hi everyone, welcome back! I’ve been very busy with my move to Austin, Texas, so this post is a bit late. Everything is settled now so these blog posts should be a bit more regular like before.

I sold a couple INTC puts 2 weeks ago. I sold the May 20th, 45 strike puts for $1.5 premium each. They are currently selling for a bit less, so I’m up a little bit on those. I don’t mind getting filled on them if the price is below 45 in a month. I plan to sell calls on it if I do get assigned (wheel strategy).

Also, despite BABA’s recent decline in price, I see no change in its’ fundamentals so I will likely be adding either a little more or diversifying a bit into something like FB. Although I wanted FB at 200, it’s still a decent buy at current prices.

INTC daily chart below:

FB weekly chart below:

BABA weekly chart below:

BILI weekly chart below:

I think Bili’s valuation is decent now, although it could certainly slide another 50% so I would start with a small position. I like the anime Bili produces so that’s another reason to buy some.

3/13/2022 Increased BABA position by 20% at 88.33 on Friday. Average is just under 130 now.

Hi everyone, I hope you had a great weekend!

BABA shares dropped significantly on Friday, and since the same delisting fears were brought up as a reason for the drop, I saw no reason not to continue averaging down into the position. I’m down quite a bit on it (average is just under 130), but increased my position size by 20% at 88.33 on Friday.

Facebook stock is looking better and better, but I like BABA more in terms of value. It is however about 40-45% of my total account value, so it’s probably best to buy some Facebook or other stocks next.

3/1/2022 No changes to positions, but looking to start a position in FB and possibly adding to INTC.

Hi everyone, welcome back! I’ve made no changes to my portfolio the last couple weeks.

I originally had a limit order for FB at 200, but decided to pull it a day or two before it actually hit 200. My rationale was that the market was feeling as volatile as during March 2020, so I decided to wait. I still think it’s a good buy at 200 or below.

INTC had a “bad” earnings report, so their stock price has dropped pretty significantly lately too. I have one more add left that I might deploy soon.

FB daily chart below. Anything at or under 200 to me is considered a good deal.

INTC daily chart below. It’s a bit below my average, but because of the dividends I received, am about breakeven.

2/14/2022 Sold QQQ at 347 last Friday for slightly above break even. Closely following Facebook stock and have a limit order at 200 (1/2 sized position).

Hi everyone, I hope you are doing well.

I sold my QQQ long position at 347 last Friday because volatility was picking up and I didn’t want a large gap down on Monday that would go through my stop loss. I originally bought it at 345 about 3 weeks ago, so I got out slightly above break even.

QQQ daily chart below:

Facebook (Meta) has been on my radar ever since the pullback down to about 290. After the disappointing earnings, it looks even better now in terms of value. Since I think large funds are still unwinding their positions, I have a half sized limit order at 200, and the other half will be purchased if it falls further.

Facebook daily chart below:

I’m still holding BABA (no changes there). I also haven’t touched any of my other long positions.

Let’s see what the market does this week!

2/1/2022 Indexes see large volatility and reminds me of March 2020. Doubled position in INTC after earnings at 47.73 (it’s now 7% of my portfolio).

Hi everyone! Indexes have been very volatile the last couple weeks, and I bought some more INTC after their drop following earnings. I doubled my number of shares at 47.73 and it’s now 7% of my total account value.

My current portfolio allocation is as follows. The high cash position is partially because I will be moving out soon and need money for rent. The other reason is I don’t like the valuation of many US equities, and haven’t spent time researching companies.

BABA: 45%

INTC: 7%

ACAD: 3%

DOYU: 3%

PRLD: 2%

STNE: 1%

TLIS: 0.3%

Cash: 39% (assuming QQQ swing trade wasn’t active)

Once everything stabilizes after I move out, I plan to deploy at least half of the cash, and will likely be buying INTC, BABA, and FB, unless some other opportunities arise.

1/25/2022 Bought a large QQQ position at $345 for a swing trade.

Hi everyone. Markets have been dropping quite rapidly the last few days, and I decided the risk/reward looked really good at current levels. I haven’t made a trade in ~9 months now, but I decided to buy QQQ at $345 in after hours today.

QQQ daily chart below: Entry: 345, Stop loss: 333, Profit Exit: 375. Mental stop loss: Close below 337. Total loss to account if stopped out: ~0.8%

1/19/2022 Markets coming off highs a little bit. Looking at buying some more INTC or starting a position in FB.

Hi everyone! Welcome back. I’ve been really busy with my plan of moving to Austin, Texas, so these posts have been a bit less frequent than normal.

The indexes have dropped a bit lately, and FB is starting to look like a decent stock to buy at current levels. It’s trading at a ~23 P/E ratio, and P/S ratio of about 8, which are reasonable, but still a bit pricey for me. I would prefer buying it near a 6-7 P/S ratio, so I will refrain from starting a position in it now unless it drops another 10-15% from current levels (~280).

INTC still looks like a bargain. It’s trading at a ~10.5 P/E ratio and a ~3 P/S ratio, so I will likely buy more of that before buying FB.

INTC weekly chart below. I bought a small position at $49 about 3 months ago. It’s a bit higher now, but still cheap.

FB weekly chart below. I ideally want to start buying when it’s at or below $280. It might not get there though.

1/3/2022 Bought 90 shares of BABA at 118 today. Position size was increased just under 25% from the purchase.

Update from previous post: I was going to sell a cash secured put, but decided there was a decent chance that this is the bottom (~110) and didn’t want to miss the chance to buy at these levels. As a result, I bought 90 shares at $118 this morning, increasing my total position to 490 shares.

The next time I have some money to invest, I will probably be buying a different stock (INTC or FB likely) because this BABA position is very large and represents a huge percentage of my portfolio.

1/3/2022 Likely buying more BABA next week (by selling puts)

Hi everyone!

I recently realized I had some money sitting in a savings account at a credit union, as well as some extra money from teaching the last 2 months.

I don’t think holding cash is the right way to go due to inflation, so I plan to buy some stocks with the money. The only 3 stocks that I find at reasonable valuations (and that I’m familiar with) are BABA, INTC, and FB (in order of preference). I will likely buy another chunk of BABA next week, since I think the intrinsic value of the stock is ~$250 based off price ratios and other fundamentals.

BABA weekly chart below. I’m looking to buy a bit more sometime next week by selling put(s).

If INTC and/or FB have significant decreases in prices, I will likely buy some.

Happy New Year and see you next week!

12/17/2021 Assigned on 100 BABA shares, buying a very small STNE position at market close today (~$15.70)

Hi everyone!

The BABA put I sold with a strike price of 140 for $9 expired today in the money, so I got assigned 100 more shares. It brings down my average a little bit from the high 130s to the mid 130s. My position size is now completed, but I plan to add small amounts when I have savings.

BABA daily chart below. It’s still in a massive downtrend.

I’m also buying a 1% of my account value position in STNE at market close. I like the company, it has solid growth in Brazil, and Buffett owns the stock. If it drops substantially (20-30% or more) from its current price, I plan to buy another 1% of my account value in the stock. Since the company has a decent chance to go bankrupt due to inflation / interest rates going up and political issues, I’m only willing to risk 2% of my account on this stock.

STNE weekly chart below. Buffett owns shares from Q4 of 2018 (~$20-$30 range)