2/1/2022 Indexes see large volatility and reminds me of March 2020. Doubled position in INTC after earnings at 47.73 (it’s now 7% of my portfolio).

Hi everyone! Indexes have been very volatile the last couple weeks, and I bought some more INTC after their drop following earnings. I doubled my number of shares at 47.73 and it’s now 7% of my total account value.

My current portfolio allocation is as follows. The high cash position is partially because I will be moving out soon and need money for rent. The other reason is I don’t like the valuation of many US equities, and haven’t spent time researching companies.

BABA: 45%

INTC: 7%

ACAD: 3%

DOYU: 3%

PRLD: 2%

STNE: 1%

TLIS: 0.3%

Cash: 39% (assuming QQQ swing trade wasn’t active)

Once everything stabilizes after I move out, I plan to deploy at least half of the cash, and will likely be buying INTC, BABA, and FB, unless some other opportunities arise.


1/25/2022 Bought a large QQQ position at $345 for a swing trade.

Hi everyone. Markets have been dropping quite rapidly the last few days, and I decided the risk/reward looked really good at current levels. I haven’t made a trade in ~9 months now, but I decided to buy QQQ at $345 in after hours today.

QQQ daily chart below: Entry: 345, Stop loss: 333, Profit Exit: 375. Mental stop loss: Close below 337. Total loss to account if stopped out: ~0.8%

1/19/2022 Markets coming off highs a little bit. Looking at buying some more INTC or starting a position in FB.

Hi everyone! Welcome back. I’ve been really busy with my plan of moving to Austin, Texas, so these posts have been a bit less frequent than normal.

The indexes have dropped a bit lately, and FB is starting to look like a decent stock to buy at current levels. It’s trading at a ~23 P/E ratio, and P/S ratio of about 8, which are reasonable, but still a bit pricey for me. I would prefer buying it near a 6-7 P/S ratio, so I will refrain from starting a position in it now unless it drops another 10-15% from current levels (~280).

INTC still looks like a bargain. It’s trading at a ~10.5 P/E ratio and a ~3 P/S ratio, so I will likely buy more of that before buying FB.

INTC weekly chart below. I bought a small position at $49 about 3 months ago. It’s a bit higher now, but still cheap.

FB weekly chart below. I ideally want to start buying when it’s at or below $280. It might not get there though.

1/3/2022 Bought 90 shares of BABA at 118 today. Position size was increased just under 25% from the purchase.

Update from previous post: I was going to sell a cash secured put, but decided there was a decent chance that this is the bottom (~110) and didn’t want to miss the chance to buy at these levels. As a result, I bought 90 shares at $118 this morning, increasing my total position to 490 shares.

The next time I have some money to invest, I will probably be buying a different stock (INTC or FB likely) because this BABA position is very large and represents a huge percentage of my portfolio.

1/3/2022 Likely buying more BABA next week (by selling puts)

Hi everyone!

I recently realized I had some money sitting in a savings account at a credit union, as well as some extra money from teaching the last 2 months.

I don’t think holding cash is the right way to go due to inflation, so I plan to buy some stocks with the money. The only 3 stocks that I find at reasonable valuations (and that I’m familiar with) are BABA, INTC, and FB (in order of preference). I will likely buy another chunk of BABA next week, since I think the intrinsic value of the stock is ~$250 based off price ratios and other fundamentals.

BABA weekly chart below. I’m looking to buy a bit more sometime next week by selling put(s).

If INTC and/or FB have significant decreases in prices, I will likely buy some.

Happy New Year and see you next week!

12/17/2021 Assigned on 100 BABA shares, buying a very small STNE position at market close today (~$15.70)

Hi everyone!

The BABA put I sold with a strike price of 140 for $9 expired today in the money, so I got assigned 100 more shares. It brings down my average a little bit from the high 130s to the mid 130s. My position size is now completed, but I plan to add small amounts when I have savings.

BABA daily chart below. It’s still in a massive downtrend.

I’m also buying a 1% of my account value position in STNE at market close. I like the company, it has solid growth in Brazil, and Buffett owns the stock. If it drops substantially (20-30% or more) from its current price, I plan to buy another 1% of my account value in the stock. Since the company has a decent chance to go bankrupt due to inflation / interest rates going up and political issues, I’m only willing to risk 2% of my account on this stock.

STNE weekly chart below. Buffett owns shares from Q4 of 2018 (~$20-$30 range)

12/7/2021 Bought quite a bit more BABA at 111.96 (at market close Friday last week).

Hi everyone, I hope all is well!

I bought quite a bit more BABA at 111.96 last Friday at market close. Fundamentally I like the company, so it is now ~40% of my account value. I plan to add more as long as prices are below 150 anytime I have money saved. They recently announced that the CFO would be stepping down, which resulted in the stock price jumping.

Recently Didi stock announced that it would delist off the NYSE and list on the Hong Kong exchange. This might have spooked investors in selling their BABA shares. However, Didi shareholders can have their shares converted to Hong Kong shares. This means there won’t be forced selling which is likely why the stock has been going up the last few days.

BABA daily chart below. It is still a bit below my average purchase price in the mid 130s. I’m still holding the put I sold a few weeks ago. Although I’m not trading this stock based off the technical levels, the 150-160 range seems like a good range to sell if I were short term trading.

Let’s see what happens with these stocks for the rest of the week. It seems like there will be a lot of volatility.

11/28/2021 US stocks bounce to start the week, and Chinese stocks continue to fall.

Hi everyone, welcome back!

The US market continues to hold up well despite the new Covid mutation.

SPY daily chart below:

Chinese equities continue selling off while the US market gains, and BABA has not done very well after their earnings report. My preference is for BABA to be higher than 140 by Dec. 17th (when the put I sold expires) so I can sell another cash secured put. Either way if it closes below 140, I’ll just have another 100 shares which is decent.

BABA daily chart below.

11/23/2021 Bought more BABA at 143.6 last week (1/10 position size). Sold a put on BABA today.

Hi everyone!

I bought a little more BABA last week Thursday at 143.6 (market close after earnings). I increased my total position by 10%. I also sold a cash secured put today when BABA was trading at 136.2.

I sold the 12/17/2021,140 strike put for 9 dollars. My original plan was to have a limit order at 130, but I actually like selling the put now instead.

BABA weekly chart below. BABA dropped over 11% last Thursday after a bad earnings report. They still project growth to be 20-23%, which still makes the stock cheap. I suspect we won’t drop much below 130, but let’s see what happens.

11/15/2021 Stocks start week flat. Will buy some more BABA later this week unless it spikes up on earnings.

Hi everyone, sorry for the late post. Bad energy management on my part.

I don’t have any swing trades, but am still holding onto my investments (biggest position by far is BABA).

BABA weekly chart below. I plan to buy a little bit more this Friday as long as it doesn’t spike up on earnings Thursday.

My current strategy is to have a handful of stocks that I want to invest in, and whenever I have money available to invest, I will buy the one that has dropped the most short term. If nothing looks investable, I’ll either not invest any money or simply buy the SPY.

Markets look very extended short term, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the indexes drop in the next week or two.

See you next week!