4/22/2018 A look at the major indexes. Targets updated for Friday May 4th.

Fun Fact #32

Did you know that at the Seattle Amazon headquarters, there are 6,000 dogs that share the work space with the employees? They even have a doggie deck 😀 Source


4_22_2018 Market Stocks.PNG

I’ve updated my targets for May 4th, 2018. I’ve refrained from updating the targets for stocks that have earnings in the next week because earnings are extremely unpredictable. However, I do favor a run-up prior to earnings, which I reflect in my targets for QQQ, DIA, SPY, AAPL, and BABA. 


I’m cautiously optimistic because the indexes have dropped to a support level that I believe will hold, but if they don’t hold, look out below! I also like buying the first pullback after a strong move upwards, which would be right now. 

QQQ 4_22_2018 Daily.PNG

The daily chart of QQQ is above. The index has gap filled the 163 gap with a rapid downward move largely due to Apple. The last time QQQ had a fast rally up from the February lows, we pulled back to this level (162-164) before moving to all time highs around 175. I think something similar could happen this time, but earnings from the big companies need to be good next week. I’ve drawn a horizontal line in at 160, since this is the weekly trend channel support. As long as QQQ holds that level, I believe we have a good chance to at least gap fill to 170 within two-three weeks. Take a look at the weekly chart of QQQ below.

QQQ 4_22_2018 Weekly.PNG

I’ve highlighted the touches of the trend channels with the colored arrows in the weekly chart of QQQ above. Notice how good this trend channel is at capturing price movement. 

DIA analysis 4_22_2018 Weekly

On the weekly timeframe, DIA (the ETF that tracks the Dow Jones) is stuck right at the middle of the support and resistance levels. This makes it hard for me to make a decision on the direction, but I favor it running up to the 255 resistance level rather than it hitting the 235 support level. This is a tough call to make. 

SPY weekly 4_22_2018.PNG

Notice how the weekly chart of SPY (the ETF that tracks the S&P500) looks identical to the DIA chart. We are stuck in the middle of the support and resistance level so it’s hard to pick a direction. 

To wrap up, I think the indexes have a good chance to move up early next week since they are currently at support levels and I expect good earnings from the big technology companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook. From a longer weekly perspective , the SPY and DIA are still in the middle of the trading range, so patient traders looking for good prices should wait to buy near the bottom of that range, and look to sell at the top of that range. That would be buying at roughly 235 on the DIA, and 255 on the SPY. You would sell near 255 and 280 respectively. 

Have a great Sunday!

4/18/2018 Quiet day with Market Indexes running into strong overhead resistance.

Fun Fact #29

Did you know that companies can choose what kind of earnings they want to report? I recently learned about this in my accounting class at BU. It’s called Earnings Management. Take Microsoft for example. The computers they sell might be returned, so they might decide to “delay” recognizing the revenue from these computers for the current quarter, and instead recognize them for a later quarter when they need to report better earnings. In other words, Microsoft is cleverly manipulating the unearned revenues.

How else do you think Microsoft exactly matched or beat analyst earnings estimates 41 out of 42 quarters? Here’s the source if you want to read more. 

I will probably explore the idea of Earnings Management in my book. Hopefully I can get a good chunk of that done over this summer. 


4_18_2018 Market Stocks.PNG

MU spiked up to my target of 54 despite being down quite a bit earlier in the day. Out of all of these targets that expire this Friday, I think QQQ and TSLA won’t hit their targets. Facebook probably won’t hit my new updated target either. 

I am neutral on the current direction of stocks, but I’m still slightly bullish if I was forced to pick a side. I normally would have updated my targets, but I would like to see what happens by the close of this week. 

QQQ 4_18_2018.PNG

If QQQ were to fall, I expect it to bounce off the 164 or 162 level. These are minor support levels so if something really bad happens, the index will slice through those levels like warm butter. Speaking of that analogy, cold butter is actually insanely hard to cut (at least for me), so that’s why I used warm butter for that analogy. Anyways, the first minor support level is about 1.5% down from current levels, and the next support level down is a drop of about 2.7%.

Also, like I mentioned in an earlier post, QQQ broke out of the $162 neckline of the inverse head and shoulders pattern, which has a textbook breakout move to about 167. This is where the index is currently having trouble. In fact, QQQ hit a high of exactly 167 today. 

If QQQ were to dip to the 162-164 level, I would aggressively buy with a stop loss just below 162. Your target would be in the 169-171 range for the gap fill. This trade has an excellent risk to reward ratio. 

In conclusion, I am still slightly bullish, but I would not be surprised to see the indexes shave off 2% or more by this Friday. 

I hope to see you tomorrow!

4/16/2018 Markets Rally and Netflix spikes up 6% in after-hours trading

Fun Fact #27

Did you know that 1000 people own 40% of all the Bitcoins? These people are known as “Bitcoin Whales.” Whales refer to institutions or people that own so much Bitcoin that they can move the markets at will. 


Market Stocks 4_16_2018


SPY 4_16_2018.PNG

Since all the charts of the indexes look similar, I will discuss SPY, the ETF that tracks the S&P500 index, today. 

SPY is running into overhead resistance in the 267-270 zone as you can see in the chart above. If SPY can break above this level, we will likely see a retest of the 275-280 level in the weeks following the breakout.

Although I am still bullish, I don’t think we can break above 270 until we start seeing more volume. My reasoning is that the bears will push the prices down since it’s easier to do with low volume. Buyers will also start taking profits at that level, which is why that zone acts as resistance. 

I think we see more upside tomorrow since Netflix’s good earnings will pull the market up with it. 

Please leave questions/comments/suggestions about my blog (or anything stock related) in the comments below. I will be glad to answer them. Thanks for reading!

4/11/2018 Markets gap down on US – Russia tensions, but technology rebounds

Fun Fact #24

Did you know that David Tepper, manager of the hedge fund “Appaloosa Management,” has a pair of brass balls that he strokes whenever he needs luck? 

This is definitely not one of those moments where I say “Haha, got ya, it was just a prank bro!” Read about his (lucky brass balls) here


4_11_2018 Market Stocks.PNG

I updated my target for Facebook up to 172 (from 165) because it is showing strength when the entire market is showing weakness. 172 happens to be within the 170-173 resistance zone as well as being a gap. 

QQQ is still having trouble with the 162 level neckline resistance as you can see in the chart below. If QQQ can close above this level, like I was discussing yesterday, this would likely result in a move to roughly 167. Also notice that the volume is still really low. 

QQQ 4_11_2018.PNG

I think QQQ will retest the 162 neckline resistance level by the end of this week, and hopefully break above it. 

Have a great day! 

4/9/2018 Low volume day – the big selloff in the afternoon wiped out most of today’s gain. Block orders in after-hours hinting at more upside tomorrow?

Fun Fact #22

Did you know that the Russian market (RTS index) dropped over 10% today? This was because of the new Russian sanctions that Trump imposed last night. You can read more about that here.


Market Stocks 4_9_2018.PNG


QQQ 4_9_2018

Today we saw a gap up on the major indexes with a follow through run up into the afternoon, but ended up selling off hard to close the day. The volume was still relatively low compared to the last two months, hinting that neither buyers nor sellers have control of the price action.

The Chinese stocks did well today and held onto some nice gains along with the rest of the technology sector. As you can see in my targets for April 20th, I am still bullish for the next 2 weeks largely because the overall sentiment is still very bearish. Here’s my source

Xi Jinping, president of China, will be giving a speech tonight and will address the trade concerns. This will almost certainly be the catalyst for tomorrow’s price action. 

I noticed some big block orders (on the buy side) in the early after-hours trading session through my level 2 quotes. This may hint that tomorrow is also an up day, but who knows. I still think it makes no sense to be net short (more positions short than long) at these levels, but we all trade differently. 

Big QQQ Buy orders.PNG

Take a look at the yellow colored orders on the right side. The yellow color signifies that the stock traded above the inside ask price, which displays the buying pressure. Here’s the source

Good luck tomorrow! I expect a wild ride. 

4/6/2018 A Look at Next Week. QQQ, BABA, HLF, TSLA, AAPL.

Fun Fact #21

Did you know that Bill Ackman, the famous manager of the hedge fund “Pershing Square,” had a one billion dollar short position on Herbalife (HLF)? His reasoning for the massive short position was because he claimed Herbalife was running an illegal pyramid scheme. Thus, he mentioned that he would take his Herbalife short position “to the ends of the earth.” Unfortunately, he had lost so much money for his hedge fund that recently he announced that he no longer has a position in Herbalife. There’s a movie about his story regarding Herbalife called “Betting on Zero.” I found the movie quite entertaining. 


4_6_2018 Market Stocks

I’ve modified my two week targets (for April 20th) down a little bit, but I’m now short term (2 weeks) bullish. I’ve also added Tesla (TSLA) to the watchlist because I think there’s a good chance it will resume the downward trend. Unfortunately there are no shares available to short (at least for me), but you could always buy puts. 

Today we had another sell-off that accelerated into the afternoon. I had an intra-day update where I predicted that as long as QQQ held above 158, we would see a 160-161 close. Unfortunately, we blew down below 158 and closed well below that level at 156.63. 

Although today’s leg down puts QQQ slightly below the weekly trend channel at 160, I’m still bullish for the next two weeks. I’m bullish because the current sentiment is extremely bearish, which means everyone already sold. If there’s no sellers left, the price can only move up. For the intermediate to longer term (1-3 months), I’m neutral or slightly bearish due to political uncertainty and mid term elections. Until the 200 day moving average starts curving downwards, I think the uptrend continues. I don’t think it makes much sense to short the indexes since they are near support levels and could see a big bounce.

Being too heavy on the long side also doesn’t make much sense with all the political uncertainty. The best approach would be to be net neutral or slightly long. This means you short sell stocks and go long on stocks such that your overall exposure to the market is approximately 0. Hence, even if the market goes down a lot, your short positions would realistically make you money while you would lose money on your long positions. If done properly, this net neutral strategy could maximize returns and reduce a lot of risk. 

I really like the trade of going long on BABA right now. As long as we don’t break down below the 160-165 level, I think we are going to bounce back to the 180 – 190 level. 

BABA weekly 4_6_2018

Above is the weekly chart of BABA. Notice how buyers get aggressive near this price level. The short term momentum is still down meaning you could wait for confirmation and then buy in. However, if you wait for a confirmation that buyers are present, you won’t have as good of a risk reward ratio. The entire market could have another sell-off next week due to more trade war issues as well as Russia retaliating against the Russian sanctions. This would almost certainly drag BABA down below the low 160s. 

QQQ analysis 4_6_2018.PNG

The daily chart of QQQ is above. I’ve drawn in a rectangle to show visually where buyers start stepping in. Although we could see another whipsaw like on February 9th (when QQQ hit 150 briefly), I think the index will hold the 154 level here.

One thing to note is that if AAPL falls below 165, I expect QQQ to also break below 154. 

Good luck trading next week, and thanks for reading like always! 😀

4/4/2018 Trade Wars Overblown? Buy when the market goes up on bad news. BABA, QQQ, TSLA, AAPL, MU.

Fun Fact #19

Did you know that Tesla (TSLA) stock went up over 34 dollars from the opening price today? That’s over 13% up from the opening price to the closing price.

I guess it’s true that TSLA stock moves as fast as its’ cars. 

TSLA 4_4_2018.PNG


4_4_2018 Market Stocks.PNG

Update: If tomorrow we close green, I believe my April 9th targets will be hit by April 16th instead (one week later). 

Today was a glorious day for me, and I’ve gained confidence as a trader. I didn’t sell into the morning gap down panic, and sticked to my trading plan. This morning, I asked myself, “Wait a minute, BABA is within the support zone of 165-175, and it is currently at 167.5 in premarket, why the heck am I not buying it?” And so, I closed my eyes and bought some shares at 167.5. I added some more at the start of after hours since I’m expecting a higher move tomorrow. 

BABA analysis 4_4_2018.PNG


Lesson I learned today: The worst time to sell is when your emotions and entire body are begging you to sell. 


Today the major indexes opened down about 2% due to trade war news escalating. Despite that, we ended up rallying hard and the major indexes closed up over 1%. Since we went up on bad news, I’m thinking we will close higher tomorrow.

QQQ analysis 4_4_2018.PNG

QQQ is back at the 160 level which is the key weekly level to hold. Another up day tomorrow will confirm that we’ve got a short term bottom in place. A test of the 162-164 range tomorrow would not surprise me.

AAPL analysis 4_4_2018.PNG

Take a look at the AAPL chart above. Notice how price bounced off the 165 level 5 times in the last two weeks. The rectangle I added shows the minor support level where buyers start getting aggressive. A close below the 165 level suggests a retest of the 150-155 zone. Since we are still above the support zone, I expect AAPL to retest the 175-177.5 level within two weeks. 

MU analysis 4_4_2018.PNG

MU has defended the 49-50 breakout level which is very bullish. The momentum has now shifted to the buy side. As long MU doesn’t close below the 49-50 support level, I think MU has a good chance to retest the 52 week high around the 60-64 level.

MU is down quite a bit in afterhours trading, but I don’t think this will sway the bulls tomorrow.

3/30/2018 Friday – The market is closed and the weekends are boring because of it! QQQ, BABA, and EBAY review.

Fun Fact #15

Did you know that in the Chinese stock market, the color green is used to represent when a stock goes down, and red is used when a stock goes up?

China is communist, so red is an attractive color (hence red is up). If you’ve been into a Chinese restaurant or celebrated Chinese New Year, everything they have is red. Chinese people also give out 红包 for the New Year, which is a red envelope of money to celebrate. 

Green is a bad color in Chinese culture because there’s a saying “戴绿帽,” which translates to “putting on a green hat.” This saying means “to be cuckolded by one’s wife” which translates to: your wife cheats on you with another man (I hope I got the translation correct).

Also, just in case you are wondering how I know Chinese, I am actually half Chinese and half Caucasian. I’m fluent in both languages even though I spoke only Chinese until I was two. I was born in San Francisco, California and moved to Boulder, Colorado when I was eight. I am grateful to have such a loving family, including a two-minute older twin brother who I deeply admire. We all support each other, and push each other to achieve the un-achievable.

Wow, that got off topic really fast. Back to analysis of weekly and long term trends!


QQQ analysis 3_30_2018.PNG

Above is the weekly chart and trend channel of QQQ. I’ve been mentioning that the 160 level is extremely important for the bulls. QQQ was below that level for a couple of days this week, but closed back within the channel. That is bullish. Also, Bulkowski’s CPI indicator has turned bullish. His CPI indicator is scary accurate, so I’ll just assume we bounce up next week. Here’s his site: http://thepatternsite.com/Blog.html#P3

BABA weekly 3_30_2018.PNG

Above is the weekly chart of BABA. BABA has been trading in a pretty wide range in the last 6 months or so. Assuming we stay stuck in that rectangle, I would look to buy near the bottom of the rectangle and sell near the top since I don’t think the bulls or the bears have enough pressure to push the stock past those points. Those levels are about 170 for the bottom of the rectangle, and 200 for the top of the rectangle. A break above or below those levels on the weekly chart would likely lead to momentum carrying the stock price further in that direction. 

Notice how we are right in the middle of the rectangle, so I would not take a new position here. If you are long, I would hold for now. Aggressive traders can also look to short BABA in the 200-205 range which will likely act as resistance. This level also represents a good area to sell your shares if you are long. Of course, if we have good news regarding tariffs next week, BABA could also breakout above the 200-205 range and see much higher prices in the next few weeks. 

EBAY analysis 3_30_2018.PNG

In an earlier blog post, I mentioned that EBAY was nearing a good buying level. Look at the weekly chart above. Notice how the last 4 times EBAY touched or crossed the 20 week moving average, it bounced and reached new highs within 2-3 months. Although I don’t hold stocks for that long, you could consider buying EBAY if you prefer holding for months instead of weeks. Also note that there was no fundamental catalyst for the drop. This recent drop from the 52 week high was due to technical reasons. Perhaps this offers an opportunity to buy when others are taking profits. 

I will post more weekly charts tomorrow. I will probably look at ABBV, JPM, and OSTK since I mentioned those a couple weeks ago.

Thanks for reading 😀

3/29/2018 Review and Setups

Fun Fact #14

You might have wondered: Hey Nathan, what does your username mean? Did you know that my username has an interesting story, and can also teach you an important lesson regarding life and trading?

Click here for the story. 


3_29_2018 Market Stocks

All I have to say is: At least my 2 week targets don’t look as ridiculous after todays’ move. 

QQQ analysis 3_29_2018.PNG

QQQ had a nice close to the week. It looks like the bulls are in control again since we closed within the weekly trend channel. Remember that I kept stressing the 160 level? The volume was also larger than on March 26th, which suggests to me that either more people are covering their shorts, or more people are buying at these levels. It could also be both.

This could also be large fund managers killing puts, since there was a lot of put buying last week. This is also a reason why I don’t think we go down from here, or at least not much if we drop. If we break below 155, I think we at least retest 150. 

If we close the day up next Monday on decent volume, I expect QQQ to quickly fill the gap at 170, but probably run into overhead resistance as well. 

DIA analysis 3_29_2018.PNG

DIA is still in a short term downtrend, but if we break above 245, we are well on our way to the 248-255 level. Although the bears are still in control, if nothing bad happens next week, I think we gap fill to 246 and then test 250.  

SPY analysis 3_29_2018.PNG

SPY looks just like DIA. A break and close above 265 signals we at least gap fill to 270, and probably retest the 272.5-277.5 zone. This could happen as early as next week given we don’t have bad news from the white house or have any negative tariff related news. 

FB analysis 3_29_2018.PNG

Out of the FAANG stocks, FB had the strongest bounce. Perhaps a lot of people were buying $160 strike price puts, so the large fund managers couldn’t let it close below 160 without losing a lot of money. FB is running right up into the 160 resistance level, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we move higher next week and reclaim or at least touch 165. 

AMZN analysis 3_29_2018.PNG

AMZN had a big gap down yesterday due to Trump going after Amazon on taxes. We are still in a strong uptrend, so if you’ve been waiting for this pullback/dip, now would be the time to start adding. 

AAPL analysis 3_29_2018.PNG

AAPL was up a good amount and then randomly dropped 2 dollars within the last 15 minutes of the trading day. The chart looks neutral/slightly bullish, with 175 acting as overhead resistance, and 165 acting as support. A break above resistance or below support would likely result in a large price swing in that same direction. Since AAPL is a large component of the QQQ and DIA, wherever AAPL goes, the market usually follows. Warren Buffett bought a lot of AAPL in the last 6 months, so I’ll just stay bullish and see what happens. 

NFLX analysis 3_29_2018.PNG

NFLX saw high volume buying today. It is bouncing off the 280-290 support level which is a good sign for the bulls. I expect 300-310 by next week on a follow through of today’s buying pressure.

GOOG analysis 3_29_2018.PNG

GOOG presents one of the best risk to reward opportunities out of the FAANG stocks (with FB and AMZN being close). Your stop loss would be below the double bottom formation at 1000 (something like 970 might be good), and your profit exit would be in the 1120-1180 range, depending on how greedy or conservative you are. 

BABA analysis 3_29_2018.PNG

BABA also had a nice bounce today. The last 6 candles look identical to QQQ. It didn’t hit the 165-175 range which is where I will be buying. There’s a gap to fill at 195, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see BABA in the 190s next week. 

MU analysis 3_29_2018.PNG

I mentioned yesterday that I thought buyers would be really aggressive at these price levels, but it seems like the bulls are still hibernating. Perhaps Monday will be different. MU is still holding the breakout level of 50 which is a good sign for the bulls. Something about this chart just screams, “Buy me bigfry daddy!” Anyways, moving on…

SQ analysis 3_29_2018.PNG

SQ looks decent to buy here for a longer term hold (like 2-3 months), but we still haven’t reclaimed the breakout location of $50. The current momentum is still down, and we had very light buying volume today relative to the selling volume earlier this week. 

Tomorrow I will review some weekly charts. 

Have a great night, and I hope trading went well this week!