4/29/2018 QQQ Monthly Chart

QQQ monthly 4_29_2018.PNG

Above is the monthly chart of QQQ. 

Unless we close below 150 for any given month, I think the bull market continues. Also, notice that in 2008, the market sold off hard, recovered a bit, but then crashed. So far, I think that if we keep making new highs, there’s little chance that we have a crash like in 2008.

4/14/2018 Monthly Chart of QQQ

Saving Fun Fact for Monday 😀

Monthly Chart of QQQ below

QQQ monthly 4_14_2018.PNG

For this current month (April 2018), we have formed a green candle. The chart doesn’t look amazing, but it doesn’t look as bad as when we were selling off hard at the start of April either. From a monthly perspective, the volume is above average, but still lower than February and March of 2018. 

If QQQ can hold 150 this month, we are still in a healthy uptrend. I think that if we close at or above 170 this month, the bulls will be in full control again.