What the heck is a “bigfry”?

You might be wondering: What the heck is a “bigfry”? It sounds edible, can I eat it?

Since this is a financial market blog, I will relate this story back to the financial markets once I explain the background. 


On a beautiful summer afternoon about a decade ago, I was eating french fries and burgers with my dad at a fast food restaurant called “Mustard’s Last Stand” in Boulder, Colorado. Out of nowhere I ask, “Hey dad, I’ve been thinking of coming up with a catchy username for my online accounts regarding “Go” (a Chinese strategic board game) and video games, do you have any suggestions?” 

My dad thinks for a while and then suggests “smallfry.” His rationale is that a fry is a small fish, and fry also means french fries. He thought it was very clever. I quickly add a suggestion: How about “littlefry?” We look at each other and agree that that doesn’t sound very cool. We tried “largefry” too, but that sounded like what you would order at a restaurant. Then the magic happened:

What about “bigfry?” 

That name instantly clicked. It sounded so cool! Fry means small fish, but now we’ve got a big-little fish. Wow, and fry also means french fries. Thinking back, I should have given my dad a big pat on the back for coming up with such a clever name. I’ll thank him later this week.


Recently, I found a nice picture that fits well with my username. Take a look at my profile picture below:

bigfry profile pic

Image source: odyssey.antiochsb.edu/media/videos/big-fish-little-fish-in-the-world-of-non-profits-does-size-matter/

Notice how there’s a big fry that is about to eat the little fry

So how does this relate to the financial markets and trading stocks? 

Notice how in that image, it’s hard to tell what’s going on, but once you zoom out, you can see the entire picture. You get a different perspective. Take a look at the classic “You just got baited!” 

bigfry profile pic full

See how the little fish is actually baiting the bigger fish into her friends (who form an even bigger fish). Perspective matters in trading stocks too. Depending on where you look and what you choose to see, you will get a completely different picture of what’s going on.

Take a step back and look at the bigger picture. You might just see something that you never thought existed.